Analysis of problems existing in China's multi - line packaging machine industry

Current problems in multiple columns packaging machine industry in China since 1990, packaging machinery has become one of the top ten industries in our country mechanical manufacturing packaging machinery production since 2001 about 9% of the total output value of packaging industry, China has become China's packaging machinery production big consumers but insufficient packing machinery exports charter flights more than 5% of the gross output value of China's packaging machinery has been more than low level repeated, disorderly competition, there is no fundamental change small packaging machinery packaging machinery in addition to the corrugated carton machinery in our country have a certain advantage, no other liquid filling production line system and scaleBeverage packaging container sterile packaging production line of cigarette production line of complete sets of equipment, such as almost monopoly by foreign several large companies existing China's packaging machinery technology content is not high, the field monitoring of remote control servo technology, automatic flexible compensation laser technology of digital information technology should be applied much imported packaging machinery, the introduction of advanced technology, less lack of conscious digestion organized research Chinese enterprise research and development expense accounts for only 1% of total sales is less than, no long-term technical reserves, less autonomy advanced technology the development of China's more columns packaging machineThroughout the international packaging industry development situation, main force to promote the development of packaging technology is economic situation demographic changes market difference between consumption and safety concerns the development of packaging materials and containers products packaging machinery digital technology electronic combination technology progress in the future users * want packaging mechanical properties can be summarized as: flexible and good combination;High operating speed;Less labor time (including maintenance modification);High degree of automation;High reliability;Small space;Save resources to this end, China packaging machinery enterprises must attach importance to adopt various advanced technologies, efforts to develop mechanical electronic gas and liquid biological magnetic light in the packaging application focused on high-performance resources use efficiency to save resources, eliminate a batch of high consumption and low efficiency of the product as a modern manufacturing industry, the need to accelerate the industry information product development technology of appropriate refinement, not too perfect, should learn from American countries such as Germany and Italy, enterprise, although the scale is not big, but very specialized in under the guidance of national policy, product structure adjustment restructuring, the implementation of domestic specialized productionMarket demand of varieties of packaging machinery molding/fill/seal flexible packaging machine (suitable for liquid powder particles), large beer and beverage filling line (annual output of 100000 tons, including the unloading box using the auxiliary equipment such as labeling cleaning sterilization), automatic weighing out foreign body type filling machine, all kinds of plastic material of paper wrapping package goods and auxiliary machinery, small large automatic continuous banding machine (fruits and vegetables, industrial raw materials), fully enclosed one-piece aseptic packaging systems, vacuum and adjusting control atmosphere packaging machine (bigSmall bags, high speed),2000mm wide corrugated board high-speed automatic production line, multi-layer heavy corrugated board production line, micro corrugated board production line, environment-friendly and energy-saving packaging materials and products processing machinery, modern processing and packaging equipment for Chinese and western drugs, food and edible oil processing and packaging equipment (growing at a rate of 20%~30% every year)