The frame and device of the machine are introduced

Refinement packaging machine the machine frame adopts frame type fully closed structure.The frame is composed of the bottom plate, the frame body, the side plate and so on. The frame body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy frame, which is firm and beautiful and easy to install. The side plate is made of stainless steel plate.

Conveyor drive system of the main motor of 1.5 kW ac motor, in VFD015M inverter control was adopted to realize stepless speed regulation, with a speed convenient and accurate, the advantages of stable starting, speed time can be adjusted to meet operation requirements, respectively, refinement packing machine such as increasing the acceleration time, the device boot process smooth and slow, reduce the deceleration time and cooperate with the fast and exact stop brake function1. Feeding filling device: made up of vibrating motor and feeding motor, with general feeder or disc feeder, through feeding system can make all kinds of different specifications tablets orderly arrangement, to prepare for the next step to shape 2. PVC rolling and stepping device: the device with PVC and aluminum foil rolling device two passive, provided by the main motor provides the power for packaging molding material PVC stepper device is in addition to preheat forming device of another important equipmentPVC adopts step method, the PVC heating plate before and after molding machine with double clamping step by step, can prevent the heating zone has been heating softening of PVC sheet caused by rapid pull move tensile deformation, affect the quality of PVC blister under heating plate as the mould molding machine up and down movement of the intermittent movement, accordingly when PVC clamping mobile nowadays heating plate in the next check point (up and down heating plate clearance), can reduce the contact with the heating plate, PVC to make PVC non-stick sheet 3. Preheat molding device: on the heating plateThe main process of the packaging machine is based on the thermoplastic principle. Through the stable temperature control of delta thermostat module DTC1000 and the positive pressure blowing process, the PVC material can be preformed within the thermoplastic temperature range, and the pill is encapsulated between aluminum foil and PVC to form a blister