How to adjust the knife base of pillow packing machine

Pillow packing machine is a new type of automatic continuous shrink packaging equipment in China,Adopt the common electric furnace wire heating method, its characteristic is the upper temperature is quick, the stability is good, the maintenance cost is low, the shrinkage temperature and the motor drive speed are stable and adjustable, and the adjustment range is wide; The roller rotation device can work continuously.

In the actual production use, pillow packaging machine often encountered a variety of its use to produce bad problems. For example, the base deviation, or change the cutting knife. At this point, we need to adjust the knife base again to make the effect of the knife better.

Pillow packaging machine knife base is mainly composed of two parts: cutting knife and side sealing knife, but once the knife base is not adjusted well, the cutting knife is easy to damage, and then lead to poor packaging effect, so pay special attention to the assembly of the knife base. There is a spring above the tool holder when it is assembled. Pay attention to adjust the gap between the tool holder when assembling. Make sure there is a good fit between the two cutting knives. After the assembly is completed, make sure that the cutting knives will not shake, so that there will be no deviation when cutting the packaging bags.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the production process of the knife holder, because the cutting knife in the pillow packaging machine work process is high-speed non-stop operation, so the material requirements of the knife holder is very high, common mold material is easy to break, easy to deformation in the state of high temperature. Therefore, it is required that the material of the knife holder should not only be able to withstand high temperature, but also undergo high temperature quenching treatment after the knife holder is processed, so as to ensure that the knife holder can be used for a long time and reduce the frequency of subsequent replacement.