Processing line: technology and energy saving in food packaging machinery industry

Processing line: technology and energy saving in food packaging machinery industry


Science and technology are the life and power of enterprises. The automation control system of automatic packaging line has been improved continuously, which makes its development more intelligent. Such as the improvement of detection technology, not only can show the current location of machine failure but also can predict the possible failure, so that the operator

Can timely check and replace the relevant parts, effectively avoid the occurrence of failure. Remote monitoring is also an innovative application of food packaging machinery, group customers can unify the operation of all machines and achieve remote monitoring, is a great convenience for enterprises.

Science and technology and energy conservation will become the future packaging machinery industry development of the important direction. In addition to the machine itself, packaging materials should also be considered in the technological innovation of packaging machinery industry

The technology is under development. There are also new environmentally friendly packaging products, such as a carrot wrapper developed in the UK that can be used to wrap food as well as food. A Japanese research institute, with bean residue as raw materials, made into a thermal soluble edible packaging paper. Automatic cutting is also good at saving labor and material costs, reducing a production team of about 20 to 25 people to four to five, and at a higher rate than manual production.

Advantages of automatic finishing system for automatic trimming line

1. Suitable for products with orderly layout;

2. The simplest automatic material cutting and packaging mode can achieve high speed;

3. Simple structure, simple operation and easy adjustment;

4. Easy and quick to disassemble and assemble wide belt;

5. Optional pneumatic automatic deviation correction device;