Down the paper pillow type packaging machine structure has any advantages

The advantages and characteristics of the structure of the paper pillow type packaging machine are briefly introduced


The original single servo or double servo motor control, compared with other domestic and foreign similar inverter motor or inverter control products, more intelligent, higher packaging precision, more adjustable range, more accurate control, lower rejection rate, better stability. Thanks to the adoption of the world's leading

All open box structure, drive structure at a glance, more convenient maintenance;

Structure features:

1: touch mode human-machine interface control, convenient and fast parameter setting, high speed and high efficiency.

2. Photoelectric tracking technology, digital input, accurate sealing and cutting position.


3: Fault diagnosis and alarm display.

4: adjustable temperature, intelligent control, can adapt to a variety of packaging materials.

5: double frequency conversion control, bag length is set and cut, one step in place, save work and save film.

About pillow packing machine

Pillow packing models are: hz-260, hz-350, hz-450, hz-600, hz-800

In terms of structure, it can be divided into: paper walking machine, paper walking machine, anti-film packaging machine,

From the machine configuration is divided into: intelligent pillow packing machine, economic pillow packing machine, point