Pillow packing machine is a packaging machinery can keep pace with The Times

Pillow packing machine is a packaging machinery can keep pace with The Times

Pillow packaging machine since put into production has been the attention and love of people from all walks of life, because these packaging machinery not only to our life has brought convenience and affordable, and enrich our daily supplies. Pillow-type packaging machine in the packaging machinery is undoubtedly more special, see the following small make up the description of pillow-type packaging machine that distinctive packaging you will understand.

First from packing scale, pillow packaging function to any specifications of the massive food, daily necessities, medicine, stationery, hardware products such as packaging, scattered product fixed in the box can also be good packaging, and any material packing materials pillow packaging machine for packaging and sealing, because there are independent PID control.


Secondly, from the width and length of the set bag, the ordinary packaging machine is prepared in advance of the unified packaging bag, and pillow packaging machine is the use of the way, there is a high sensitivity photoelectric eye color standard tracking will not seal cut empty bag or oblique cut, so can effectively save the time to set parameters, and no cost of packaging film, packaging effect beautiful.

The last thing to say is that pillow packaging machine in the packaging is the use of the positioning sealing, both accurate and agile, can prevent the packaging film sticking knife and waste. And the pillow packing machine delivers the product the platform is concise, reliable, not only helps the packing, but also is easy to maintain and clean.

To tell you a little bit, pillow packing machine is a packaging machinery to keep pace with The Times, because it's all the control system is achieved by the advanced digital control software, can not only facilitate technicians to adjust the function of pillow packaging machine in the future, also can improve packaging technology and the way in time, make the pillow packaging machine packaging way more advanced and unique, and practical, functional aspects and so on, human nature can be improved.

Pillow packing machine optional device

1. Date printing machine

2. Alcohol spray device, air vent device, round hole device, dotted line device

3. Anti-cutting device, bagging device and other hanging hole devices

4. Automatic blanking device, roll paper automatic ironing device.

5. Automatic air charging device, nitrogen generator, oil-free air compressor, cold dryer, ordinary air compressor