Pillow-type automatic packing machine works harder

Pillow-type automatic packing machine works harder

In the process of continuous development constantly absorb experience to enrich themselves, in the process of our continuous efforts, others are also trying, pillow automatic packaging machine to be more efforts to do very well, our efforts are we do the best pay, we expect to pay a good return.

Can only have to work on the harvest, anyone who wants to have a reason, we are in for the development of enterprises, but also in serving the people, our packing machine is hot in the market, fully automatic sealing and cutting sleeve type shrinking machine is on a single object or a paper items designed, the docking machine and production line automatic feed, wrapping film, sealing and cutting, contraction, cooling stereotypes, unmanned operation flow. St-6030a is suitable for beverage, beer, mineral water, can, glass with paper holder, carton and other collections or single shrink packaging.

In social development, we only relying on their own efforts to achieve their dreams, we have been constantly move forward in the development of growth, in our life is not easy to realized the hardships of life, the pillow packaging machine continuously the pursuit of new things to enrich my inner, achieve good development to serve the people better.


Pillow packing machine optional device

1. Date printing machine

2. Alcohol spray device, air vent device, round hole device, dotted line device

3. Anti-cutting device, bagging device and other hanging hole devices

4. Automatic blanking device, roll paper automatic ironing device.

5. Automatic air charging device, nitrogen generator, oil-free air compressor, cold dryer, ordinary air compressor