How to choose pillow packing machine (part 1)

1,Want to decide oneself will buy above all pillow-type packing machine wants to pack which a few products.Some packaging machinery manufacturers a lot of product varieties, in the purchase of the packaging machine, I hope a device can pack all their own varieties. In fact often special machine than compatible machine packaging effect is better. A packaging machine packaging the best not more than 3-5 varieties. Also, the size of the difference between larger products as far as possible separate machine packaging.

2,High cost performance is the first principle. At present, the quality of domestic production packaging machine has been greatly improved than before, especially pillow packaging machine, export proportion has been a lot of imports, so the price of the domestic machine can buy the quality of the import machine. Only buy the right things, not the expensive ones.

3, as far as possible to choose a long history of brand-name packaging machine enterprises, quality assurance. Choose the model with mature technology and stable quality, so that the packaging is faster and more stable, low energy consumption, low manual work and low reject rate. Packaging machine is a machine to consume, if the purchase of low-quality machines, in the future of daily production accumulated waste of packaging film, the decision is not a small number.