What kind of automatic pillow packing machine does it have

Automatic pillow packaging machine and other automatic work machine, there are a variety of classification methods. Such as:

According to the motion characteristics in the process of packaging production, there are intermittent action, pulsation action and continuous action automatic packaging machine.

Pillow packing machine according to the degree of automation classification: non - automatic, semi - automatic and automatic packaging machine.

According to the combination of pillow-type packing machine in the packaging production line, there are single machine, coupling machine, combination automatic production line and machine automatic system.


According to the physical state of the articles to be packed on the automatic packing machine: there are liquid material pillow packing machine, glue paste pillow packing machine, powder powder powder pillow packing machine, regular particle pillow packing machine, regular shape pillow packing machine, irregular shape pillow packing machine. This paper presents a characteristic of the suitable articles of the automatic pillow packing machine.

Classification according to the name of the goods to be packaged: the characteristics of this classification method is to fully reflect the specificity of specific pillow packaging machine. Such as cigarette pillow packaging machine, candy pillow packaging machine, toothpaste filling machine.

Classification according to the quality of the containers and materials used in packaging: paper bag pillow type packaging machine plastic bag pillow type packaging machine composite bag pillow type packaging machine according to the pillow type packaging machine can complete the packaging function classification: bag (box) one measurement, one filling, one sealing pillow type packaging machine measurement &Ndash;& amp;Ndash;Loading & amp;Ndash;& amp;Ndash;Sealing pillow packaging machine measurement to fill a pillow packaging machine sealing pillow packaging machine wrapping package type pillow packaging machine boxes of pillow packaging machine the pillow packaging machine using the strapping machine, thermoforming pillow packaging machine heat shrinkable pillow packaging machine vacuum pillow packaging machine vacuum inflatable pillow packaging machine, labeling machine, etc from the pillow packaging machine research design manufacture and so on into consideration, according to the classification of packaging production process characteristics of the movement and the pillow packaging machine can complete the functional characteristics of classification is the most meaningfulThe pillow packaging machine can complete the function of the feature classification highlights the pillow packaging machine can complete the function, can embody the pillow packaging units into the main structure characteristics, can fully reveal the pillow packaging machine features the commonness and characteristics of the study of pillow packaging machine design and manufacture of normalization standardization and scientific management of usage and maintenance have important significance in automatic pillow packing machine in the production process operation characteristics classification, namely, according to the production of the processing object and job agencies on classification, characteristics of the relative movement and the relative configuration is one of the more reflect the nature of the classification methodIt directly relates to the production capacity of pillow packing machine, which has an important influence on the technical economy of pillow packing machine. According to this characteristic, automatic working machine including automatic packing machine can be divided into four types: intermittent action type, periodic pulsation action type, continuous action type and comprehensive action type