What are the advantages of pillow packing machine?

What are the advantages of pillow packing machine?Pillow packing machine is a kind of continuous packing machine with strong packing capacity and suitable for many kinds of food and non-food packaging. Products have been different from the past, the society is making progress, science and technology are developing, people's living standard is also improving, with the increase of people's demand for products, promote products are constantly with The Times. Ruida products after many years of research and innovation, products can not only meet the needs of enterprises, but also in the after-sales aspects are guaranteed.


Pillow packaging machine structure features and advantages

1) dual inverter control, the bag length is set and cut, no need to adjust the empty walk, one step in place, save time and save film.

2) text man-machine interface, convenient and fast parameter setting.

3) fault self-diagnosis function, fault display at a glance.

4) high sensitivity photoelectric eye color standard tracking, making the sealing and cutting position more accurate.

5) temperature independent PID control, better suitable for all kinds of material envelope.

6) positioning stop function, no stick to the knife, no cost of film.

7) simple transmission system, more reliable work, more convenient maintenance.

8) all the control by the software, convenient function adjustment and technical upgrade, never lag behind.

Tips: pillow packing machine products are loved by many industries, it also has a lot of other categories, and each type is widely used. But when buying the product cannot choose the manufacturer at will, should carry on the comparison, ability chooses the product that suits oneself.