What are the main products of pillow packing machine factory?

What are the main products of pillow packing machine factory ? Pillow - type packing machine gearbox also through the multi - group chain transmission, the realization of packaging objects. Products more and more to meet the needs of people, but now the manufacturers of manufacturing products of the technical level is not neat, the price is also different, in the purchase of products or should be more inspection!

How does the pillow packer work?

The wrapping paper film roll of pillow type packaging machine is installed on the shaft roller, and the packaged object is placed in the feeder (for the object with irregular shape, manual feeding is required). The conveyor belt automatically transports the packaged object to the packaging position, which is packaged in the paper film and then pressed into shape after heating, and then sent to the cutting knife for hot sealing and cutting. The finished product is then exported by the conveyor belt.

Pillow packaging machine no period of speed control with frequency conversion motor, through v-belt drive tooth chain rotation speed by variable speed chain in the stepless transmission speed, the different speed and then by synchronous belt to the planetary differential mechanism, the paper membrane transport length adjustment, the gearbox output shaft through the chain transmission driven in paper film roller conveying paper film, paper film output length setting on the tooth chain speed governor of manual operation. And in the packaging process by the photoelectric tracking color label for monitoring.

Warm prompt: more and more pillow packaging factory in manufacturing products, many products are now in the upgrade, for example, but not every manufacturer is able to meet the needs of all people, and the technological level of manufacturer not neat, the price is different also, so should have more study to choose suits own factory!