How does the manufacturer price its products?

Pillow packing machinery how do manufacturers price their products?Pillow packaging machine belongs to a packaging machine, the scope of application is more extensive, the product price is not invariable, and now the product is constantly developing, the raw materials used to make products are also constantly updated, so in order to buy cost-effective products, it is recommended that buyers choose a number of field investigation.

What is the cause of pillow-type packaging machine failure and the solution?

1. When the pillow packing machine product seal appeared the situation of wrinkling, this is because the pillow packing machine operating temperature is too high, and the speed is too slow to cause; The solution is to adjust the temperature to the appropriate range, which is to increase the speed of the pillow packaging machine.

2. When the cutting knife of pillow packaging machine is cut on the product, it indicates that the height of the knife holder of pillow packaging machine is not the appropriate height, and the packaging speed is too fast, the push rod and the cutting knife are not carried out at the same time, the solution at this time is to adjust the packaging speed of pillow packaging machine and adjust the height of the knife holder.

3. When the cutting position of the pillow packaging machine deviates from the color mark, it is proved that the color mark of the film is too light and the film drives to slip. At this point, the solution is to adjust its sensitivity; Switch the tracking mode of pillow packing machine to “ Tracking cutting & throughout; .

4. When the temperature meter of pillow-type packaging machine cannot control the temperature, this is the damage of the solid-state breaker, and may be the temperature control meter is broken, the solution is to replace the temperature control meter, replace the solid-state breaker.

Tips: pillow packaging machine products are very many industry applications, mainly because it can meet a lot of needs, so the use of a wide range. But it does not mean that it can be simple to operate in the installation and use, but also should be in accordance with the formal instructions!