Pillow packing machine factory that good?

Pillow packing machine factory that good? After the pillow packing machine is started, observe the machine operation is normal, there is no noise and abnormal situation, such as the discovery should inform the maintenance workers in time to check. Products are produced by many manufacturers, and each product model, the use of raw materials may be different, so the price is not the same. But now the performance of products is also improving, in order to use more safe and secure, you must read the relevant instructions before using.

Pillow packaging machine manufacturer on the type of packaging machine operation process

1. The machine shall not be used before the correct operation method and safety rules of the machine are known.

2. Any safety device, shield, face lock device, safety warning, operation instructions and signs on the machine shall not be removed with dirt.

Before operation, the position and operation method of the emergency stop button should be clear.

4. Working clothes and working caps in accordance with industrial safety regulations must be worn. Loose clothes, ties, scarves and distribution operations are strictly prohibited.

Before starting, check whether the screws in each part of the machine are loose and whether there is any foreign body on the table.

Tips: pillow packaging machine products have many models, not only a classification, its development and the progress of science and technology is closely related, now the product is widely used, because it has a lot of advantages. But when it is installed and used, still should carry on according to regular instruction book!