The characteristics and advantages of the lining

The belts on the cutting line all belong to food-grade PU belts, and the convenient disassembly makes it easy and quick to clean and replace the belts, ensuring that the parts in contact with the products are clean while not delaying the production, preventing the products from being polluted.

Main performance and structural features:

1. the automatic loading supporting material line by the pull distance conveyor, the distribution conveyor, the automatic processing unit, the carrier mechanism, the carrier mechanism and the automatic packaging unit, the moon cake and other products for the pull distance arrangement, positioning, distribution, into the carrier, packaging. To achieve the production of continuous, orderly, low waste rate, good packaging effect, at the same time can put deoxidizer or alcohol tablets.

2. The single-line packaging speed can reach 120 packages/min.

3. The whole line adopts 220V 50HZ power supply, the power of the single material line (including packaging machine) is 3.2kw, and the total power of the conveyor is 0.8kw, with low electricity consumption.



The two systems are integrated together to achieve the effect of automatic feeding, automatic loading and automatic packaging, so as to realize automatic production, improve food safety and efficiency. Deoxidizer or alcohol tablets can be put into the air by the automatic casting machine.

The control system adopts PLC control, touch screen display, good man-machine interface, intuitive and convenient operation.

Scope of application:

The automatic packing line is mainly for mooncakes, meat muffins, cakes and other appearance rules and packaging products with trays.