The composition of the packaging line

Conveyor should be familiar, this is a part of our packaging machinery, the components of this machine we understand? Although we know that this machine is made up of a lot of packaging machinery, do we know what the unpacking machine is made up of?

(1) the nose

The head is composed of the head frame, the sprocket assembly, the drive device (motor, coupling, reducer).

1. Head rest. It is used to support and assemble sprocket assembly, driving device and other auxiliary S (tongue plate, chain puller, press chain block, etc. > components. Welded from thick steel plate. The head frame is symmetrical to the left and right.

2. Reducer. China's current production of bilateral chain scraper conveyor rotating device for the parallel type of cloth (electric motor shaft ^ rotation sprocket shaft vertical), the use of three-stage conical cylindrical gear reducer. To lubricate the ball bearings on the first shaft at inclination, a separate oil chamber is sealed with a retaining ring and oil so that the lubricating oil does not flow into the tank oil chamber.

3. Coupling. Coupling is a part of conveyor transmission device, the main role is to connect the motor shaft and reducer shaft to transfer torque, and some coupling can also be used as a protection device. Scraper conveyor commonly used coupling has wooden pin coupling, coupling Hui bolt coupling, flexible coupling, tape, hydraulic coupler five & bull; The first four kinds of couplings are mainly used for scraper conveyors with low requirements and low power. Higher power scraper conveyor mainly USES hydraulic coupler. Hydraulic coupler is a hydraulic component that transfers torque by means of liquid kinetic energy.


4. Sprocket assembly. Consists of sprocket and connection drum. Sprocket is power transmission components. Also is wearing parts, except under static load in operation, also under pulse and impact kiss lotus "for this request sprockets should not only have higher strength and wear resistance. And good toughness, able to work under the impact load, nickel by high strength alloy steel forging and the electrochemical machining and to guarantee the quality of the sprocket m. light of scraper conveyor sprocket service life shall be not less than a year: medium and heavy scraper conveyor sprocket life shall be not less than a year and a half.

5. Motor. Motor is the power source of scraper conveyor • In our country, the vast majority of the scraper conveyor motor used in coal mine. Power is commonly 40 kw, 75 kw, 125 kw or more, sometimes by a single motor, also some with double motor or motor driven. Now some of the scraper conveyor with double speed motor drive, using low speed when is up and running, in order to improve the starting torque of the motor, the loading of large amount of coal in the use of high speed, to meet the requirements of large transportation capacity, so as to improve the operation of the scraper conveyor.