Feed line solution to achieve intelligent food packaging production

Richard is expected to lineProcess is the process of placing materials into containers for packaging in the food and drug packaging process. Traditional artificial processing line, often because the operator grasp the wrong quantity, or because of hand contamination contamination food and drugs, etc., delay the process and lengthen the processing time, and affect the production cost and reduce the overall production quality. In order to improve this situation, a chocolate packaging factory controls the processing line packaging program to adopt the processing line solution developed by delta. The production line can complete the processing line in one minute, and arrange 400 food materials precisely on the conveyor belt and put them into the processing box, greatly improving the process efficiency. Aiming at the precision, automation and hygiene requirements of food and drug packaging, delta has successfully developed a high-precision and high-speed solution for the processing of materials by combining intelligent products to create an automated production line for customers.

ASDA - M series ac servo control system, which built the motion controller and sequential logic controllers, six group can synchronous drive and precise control of ac servo motor, the separately six conveyor belt of material flow, even chocolate bars and loaded solid materials slot, at the same time to ensure the consistent operation speed, improve the follow-up packaging efficiency, and effectively reduce the man-made damage on the other hand, with wide screen man-machine interface DOP - B series instant check production progress, easy to adjust the control command and conveyer belt speed, help managers immediately ruled out the problem of production line, make the process more smoothly, build efficient to save timeEffort of form a complete set of packaging system in the actual use, material to line solution can bring the following benefits: highly efficient drive control equipment, improve work efficiency, of the output material by ASDA - M series ac servo control system, three axis servo drives simultaneously with three groups of motion control and moving between, achieve real-time multiplex and without time lag control efficiency;Drive control system of the solution to the shortest path, quickly and accurately fixed material position, effectively completed a minute 400 food material material shaking, material application, accelerate the whole packing process and reduce the defective rate, flexible development platform, close to the customer demand, material to line solutions provide secondary development platform, can set the controller and the memory capacity of each unit area, help users efficient allocation and use of memory space, in addition to achieve effective control and management, master station built-in flash memory, to store data within a certain time, in case of emergency, such as power outages can be safety to save dataAvoid loss of time cost, and to help solve the problem of replace the battery and the machine service life, simple wiring, save installation process: three axis of servo drive controlled by three groups of motor wiring can be Shared, does not need to repeat configuration line, simplify the installation space and wiring cost, bring convenience for the customer the use environment project summary manage stock line solution in addition to food packaging, can be applied to different fields, including medicine plate box packing machine, etc., greatly save the production timeImprove production quality and reduce product defect rate, and effectively reduce human loss and time cost, to create high efficiency and high precision delivery equipment for customers, improve industrial competitiveness