What are the functions of pillow packing machine

What are the features of Pillow Packing Machinery

1. The automatic crosscutting position is aligned with the point (the crosscutting knife and the longitudinal sealing feeding are pointed). The crosscutting knife is just cut at the cursor position of the packaging film, and then the start button of teaching mode is pressed. At the same time the PLC began to count the length

, when the cursor position is reached, the servo feeding stops and sends the current length data to the current page of the human machine interface. When the relative position is pressed for storage, the PLC is packaged in the relative position before the pressing.

2. When the manual crosscutting position is aligned with the manual operation, the relative position can be directly input on the man-machine interface; When running, the position of the cutter can be adjusted directly through the left and right shift value input buttons in the running screen.

3. Sealing and cutting tracking function when the device is in operation, every week the crosscutting knife is run, the tangent point proximity switch is interrupted by the external PLC to collect the count value of the current encoder, and compare it with the relative position stored in PLC, and calculate the value issued by the PLC according to the size of the difference and the positive and negative values

The frequency of the command pulse.

4. Other functions can be started, stopped, feeding inching, cutting tool inching, machine inching and other functions through the panel or man-machine interface. During operation, the current operating speed can be detected, the number of processing can be recorded, and zero can be achieved.

Overview of vertical packaging machine

Vertical packaging machine is suitable for packaging all kinds of powder, particles, tablets and other objects, such as tablets, salt and other articles;

During the packaging process of the vertical packaging machine, the material is stretched into the feeding device for feeding. The plastic film forms a tubular shape through the film cylinder, and the side is sealed by the thermal longitudinal sealing device. Meanwhile, the packaging material is injected into the bag.