Packaging machinery has brought convenience to our lives

Packaging machinery has brought convenience to our lives

1. Achieve effective packaging. Packaging can be according to the requirements of the packaging items, according to the required form, size, specifications of the packaging, and manual packaging is not guaranteed. This is particularly important for export commodities, only mechanical packaging, to achieve the normalization of packaging, standardization, in line with the requirements of the collection of packaging.

2. Labor protection is beneficial to workers for some products that seriously affect their health. If the dust is serious, toxic products, irritant, radioactive products, with manual packaging health hazards, and mechanical packaging can be avoided, and can effectively protect the environment is not polluted.

3. Can reduce the packaging cost, save the storage and transportation costs for loose products. Such as cotton, tobacco, silk, hemp, compressed packaging machine compression packaging, can greatly reduce the volume, thus reducing the cost of packaging. At the same time because the volume is greatly reduced, save storage, reduce storage costs, is conducive to transportation.

4. Replace manual packaging. Such as vacuum packaging, automatic bag packing machine, inflatable packaging, fitting packaging, pressure filling and other packaging, are manual packaging can not be achieved, only mechanical packaging to achieve.

5. Reduce the labor intensity and improve the working conditions. Such as manual packaging of large volume, weight of the product, both consumption of physical strength, and unsafe; And to light small product, because frequency is higher, action is drab, make worker gets occupational disease easily.

Full automatic pillow packing machine applicable scope

Fully automatic pillow packing machine is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, daily chemical industry and other industries, it can automatically complete the whole process of feeding, bag-making, sealing, printing batch number, output of finished products and counting, especially suitable for small batch single product packaging. The packaging machine can be used for food biscuit, moon cake, egg yolk pie, rice cake, ice cream, instant noodles, chocolate, etc.