Pillow packing machine: packaging machine to adapt to the importance of the market

Pillow packing machine: packaging machine to adapt to the importance of the market

You open the computer every day, there will be a lot of criticism of China a system of speech, but no matter how correctly, these comments before the system did not change, we do have no meaning, only can be pleased estimate is out, but if you want to be truly successful, complaining is no use, adaptation is the most should do. Packaging machine is also the same, perhaps the market on some of the requirements of packaging machine is not reasonable, but only to adapt to the market, such a packaging machine can be developed.

Therefore, no matter what kind of personal ideas and ideas we have for the development of packaging machine, we should adapt to the market, only after adapting to the market development will be recognized, otherwise, any ideas and ideas are meaningless, will not be recognized. As we all know, China's education system has many drawbacks, and the examination system also has many shortcomings, but as long as you live in China, you have to take the college entrance examination, otherwise you will be abandoned by the society. The same is true of the packaging machine, whose so-called changes will be recognized only if it ADAPTS to the market, otherwise all else is worthless.

Working conditions of automatic pillow packing machine

1) temperature: the normal ambient temperature must be 5° C ~ 40 & deg; C.

2) humidity: 30% ~ 90%.

3) stay away from oil, gas, chemicals, acidity, alkalinity and explosives or inflammables.

4) ambient lighting: above 300LUX.

5) avoid direct sunlight.

6) avoid being near machines that produce vibrations.

7) avoid direct fan blowing