Analysis of pillow packing mechanism moving forward and backward positioning system

Pillow Packing MachineryAnalysis of the braking advance and retreat positioning system

The following is the analysis of the braking advance and retreat photoelectric positioning system. The packaging process is as follows: the sheet wrapping paper is derived from the reel 1, then through the photodetector 2 is formed by the shaper 5 and the traction roll 6, and the longitudinal sealing roll 7 is made into the packaging. The plastic output of the packing bag which has been filled with packing material shall be sent to the 8 horizontal seals through the conveyor belt

And cut off the finished product. The driving part is: the main motor M1 will pass the movement into the transverse sealing drive shaft, and then drive the transverse head through the unequal mechanism 9. The unequal mechanism is used to adjust the instantaneous speed of sealing and cutting of the transverse head 8, so as to synchronize it with the moving speed of the packaging bag. The other way is through the infinitely variable speed

The adjustment of moving mechanism 13 can be done manually or through single-phase servo motor control. The required bag length can be obtained by adjusting the infinitely variable differential mechanism 13. The last way through the differential mechanism 18 to the hook - claw conveyor chain. Differential mechanism 18 is an automatic adjusting mechanism, mainly used to adjust the hook jaw conveyor chain and horizontal

Header synchronization. In the process of packaging, the photoelectric sensor is used to detect the moving speed of the wrapping paper and the speed of the lateral seal to determine whether it is slow or fast, and the overrunning clutch electrical system is used to control the overrunning motor M3 action to make it run or stop the braking, so as to achieve the purpose of error compensation.


Packaging machine to improve the quality of the operation of the industry

For the packaging machine enterprise, the development speed, economic aggregate is not the main factor to consider the operating conditions, packaging machine enterprise is to be effective. Only the equipment that meets the needs of consumers can have a market, and only the equipment with high added value can bring high profits to enterprises. scale

Production, of course, can achieve greater profits by reducing costs, but after all, the investment is huge, more small and medium-sized enterprises are suitable for innovation, development, to provide more services for customers, suitable for mobilizing employees to work hard, reduce the current high

Staff mobility, to win more profits, also let the packaging machine enterprise live a little moist, in the development of matsukawa is the use of such a business philosophy, in the packaging machine industry rapid development and growth, for the packaging machine industry to make a better example of other enterprises.