A brief introduction to the structure and working principle of three-dimensional packaging machine

BTB-A,Including frame, electric controller are installed on frame, pushing rake, cutting film mechanism, sealing membrane, blowing film feeding mechanism and pneumatic system, the product on the sealing membrane institutions including the vertical sealing of folding mechanism, folding mechanism under longitudinal sealing, side sealing heating plate, side sealing mechanism, plastic mechanism and folding plate, seal the longitudinal fold institutions in the top of the folding mechanism under longitudinal sealing, side sealing heating plate mechanism, side sealing mechanism and plastic mechanism in longitudinal sealing on the side of the folding mechanism, seal the folded plate in longitudinal fold between institutions and folding mechanism under longitudinal sealing.


Can be used for all kinds of packaging goods outside the packaging, to achieve sealing, decoration, beautiful, moisture-proof and dry function. This product is an integrated product of machine, electricity and gas. It is automatically packaged by servo motor feeding film, cylinder pushing folding, heat sealing and so on. The packaging form can be flat package, vertical package or package collection.

working principle:
The packaging film is cut into the length required by the cutting knife, the small packaging box is transported by the conveyor, the cylinder is pushed to stack (according to the required form and quantity), and the wrapping and folding packaging form a medium package. Because this equipment does not have the heat sealing oven of the heat shrink packaging machine to heat the whole wrapped object, but USES the local point instant low temperature sealing, will not cause the temperature change of the packaging material in the box, relatively, it is called the cold machine. Can replace the heat shrink packaging machine.