How can pillow packing machine achieve economic applicability?

Fully automatic multifunctional material processing Pillow Packing Machinery,Belongs to the technical field of food finishing and packaging machine. The present invention solves the problems of the existing food finishing and packaging machine, such as complicated electrical program, tedious equipment installation and high installation and production cost. The invention is a fully automatic multi-function bedding packing machine, which includes an automatic packing arrangement part arranged in the front end, an automatic screening part arranged in the middle part and an equidistant separation part arranged in the middle part from the beginning to the end, and an export part arranged in the end of the packing part into bags and finished products.


The invention obviously and effectively improves the production efficiency, simplifies the manual feeding, reduces the labor force of the workers, improves the hygiene index without direct contact with the food, and brings great convenience to the food production enterprises; The electric program is simple, the equipment installation is simple, the installation manufacture cost is low; Higher degree of automation, for food production enterprises to reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency.

The pillow type packaging machine comprises a frame and a conveyer crawler set on the frame for conveying and processing materials and a packaging device for packaging and processing materials. The conveyer crawler of the product is connected with the packaging device, and the lower part of the conveyer crawler of the product is provided with a collecting device for collecting and processing materials. The packaging machine can avoid processing material debris scattered at will, so as to ensure the workshop environment and the overall health of the workshop.