Ruida tells you a good way to control the pillow packer

Control method of pillow packing machinery,include:The number of pulses received by the feeding servo driver and cutting servo driver was obtained through the signal interval of the hook signal, and the variables between the number of received pulses and the number of sent pulses were calculated at the same time. The phase deviation of the feeding shaft is obtained by sensing the marking on the packaging film with the color code signal, and the phase correction is made according to the phase deviation and the CAM alignment function built in the feeding shaft.


Check whether the position of the package is correct by anti-cutting signal. If not, stop cutting and open macro instruction to achieve anti-cutting; Determine whether there is empty packet before entering the packaging area by air defense signal. If so, open macro command to make the film feed shaft and crosscutting shaft stop operation when empty packet arrives.

By synchronously grasping the correction function and CAM alignment function, this product improves the packing precision of pillow packing machine, achieves the best control and improves the production efficiency.