The basic principle of pillow-type packaging mechanism moving photoelectric automatic positioning system

The basic principle of pillow-type packaging mechanism moving photoelectric automatic positioning system

Wrapping paper in continuous feeding, automatic packaging machine into shape bag, filling and sealing process, due to the positioning of color mark printing error, accidental fluctuation and comprehensive factors such as the operation of the machinery, the wrapping paper conveying speed and lateral sealing, paper cutting speed out of sync, resulting in sealing, cutting position deviation, so you need to be correction at any time, and continuously for error compensation. The composite error is a variable, but because of the high quality and printing accuracy of packaging materials at a certain packaging speed, this error should be kept within a small range for each cycle of the test. This makes it possible to measure and compare feed and cutting speeds periodically (once every two packets) through the photoelectric positioning system. If the wrapping paper is too fast, the positive error system gives a negative compensation, that is, the feed mechanism decelerates to compensate; If the wrapping paper is too slow, is a negative error, the system gives a positive compensation, so that the feed mechanism speed up. However, the given compensation value cannot completely eliminate the error, it may overcompensate or undercompensate. Even if the error is eliminated, it will occur again.


Therefore, the system is always designed to compensate a little too much, given a compensation that is slightly greater than the absolute error value, and it is artificially out of tolerance. When the measurement error is negative, an excess positive value is compensated. After the next measurement and comparison, there must be positive error. The positioning system automatically compensates for a given negative value and then restores the negative error. In this way, the positive and negative alternation keeps the error within a certain range. In this way, the cut off part of the pillow-type wrapping paper will jump around the correct position. The way the wrapping paper moves in and out to achieve continuous positioning is called In a type & throughout; Automatic positioning mode. Because its compensation is beyond the clutch work, the mechanical feeding mechanism into the work of the design with the paper lagging effect to give, so the use of this principle positioning system is called ldquo; Brake advance and retreat ” Automatic photoelectric positioning system. This is the basic principle of the continuous positioning system. The horizontal sealing and cutting speed, which determines the speed of the wrapping paper, is taken as the reference, and the paper feeding speed is adjusted to synchronize with it to control the sealing and cutting position error of the wrapping paper.

Pillow packing machine optional device

1. Date printing machine

2. Alcohol spray device, air vent device, round hole device, dotted line device

3. Anti-cutting device, bagging device and other hanging hole devices

4. Automatic blanking device, roll paper automatic ironing device.

5. Automatic air charging device, nitrogen generator, oil-free air compressor, cold dryer, ordinary air compressor