Pillow packing machine treats every detail

The development of the market is an important reason for the development and prosperity of today's market. In the process of development, we are constantly developing our sphere of influence while also creating greater interests for the development of the market. The rise of pillow packaging machine is that many people have long brought great expectations on it and have a great impact.

In this we are familiar with and unfamiliar in the society, more and more big, our existence is threatened so now a lot of things we need to rigorous treatment of side of every detail, every opportunity of development, 160 s triangle automatic packing machine adopts photoelectric control system, each pack can accurate cutting and packing bags, finished product shape is triangular, fashionable chic, independent hopper feed, can be in a bag bag into a variety of items. Entering the market is welcomed by customers.

In life we have different on the different development path of development as a result, we are in the process of the development of there are a lot of things need to clarify, even the small details can also be a failed eventually fuse, pillow packaging machine perfect development path is not plain sailing, but we are in the process of the development of continuous exercise themselves, is in the development process of their growth.


Pillow packing machine optional device

1. Date printing machine

2. Alcohol spray device, air vent device, round hole device, dotted line device

3. Anti-cutting device, bagging device and other hanging hole devices

4. Automatic blanking device, roll paper automatic ironing device.

5. Automatic air charging device, nitrogen generator, oil-free air compressor, cold dryer, ordinary air compressor