How to maintain pillow packing machine

Pillow packing mechanical and electrical gas maintenance:

1, Pillow-type packaging machine operators should always check the joint before starting the thread is loose.

2, dust and other small particles may also affect the packaging machine part of the function, photoelectric switch, the probe close to the switch when the dust is easy to make it wrong action, so should often check and clean.

3, the details of the place is also the focus of mechanical cleaning, such as regular use of soft gauze dipped in alcohol to clean the surface of the electrical slip-ring, remove the surface of the carbon powder.

4, pillow packaging machine some parts can not be changed at will, non-professional personnel are not allowed to open the electrical part, inverter, microcomputer and other control components of the parameters or procedures have been set, arbitrary change will cause system disorder machinery can not work properly.


Lubrication of pillow packing machine:

1, the rolling bearing is a serious wear in the machinery, so the rolling bearing should be about two months with a butter gun to fill the butter once.

2, different parts of different types of lubricating oil, such as the packaging film idler sleeve, before the supply conveyor sprocket sleeve should be timely filled with 40# mechanical oil.

3, gear bite operation is also very important, each gear should be timely drip 40# mechanical oil.

4, the chain of lubrication is the most common, relatively simple sprocket chain should be timely drop of mechanical oil viscosity greater than 40#.

5, the clutch is the key to start the packaging machine, the clutch part should be timely lubricating oil.

Pillow packing machine problem elimination method

1. In the man-machine interface tracking mode interface, switch the tracking mode to "tracking cut"; See the manual of random electric eye to adjust the sensitivity of electric eye; Adjust glue bar pressure or brake tightness.

2. Refer to the manual to adjust the position of push finger; Adjust the height of the end sealing part so that the meshing center of the sealing cutter is in the middle of the height of the product; Reduce packaging speed.