Pillow packing machine function introduction

Pillow packing machine has powerful functions,Cost-effective, so that it is favored in a number of areas, such as food, medicine, chemical, hardware, daily necessities and other industries. Because of the packaging needs of these industries, so pillow packaging machine work intensity is also very large, so for the production enterprises, the following points to pay attention to the use of things to remember.

1, in the production peak season, we should give each pillow packaging machine maintenance of inspection, cleaning and lubrication on a regular basis, at the same time also to do a good job of cooling and ventilation, don't put the pillow packing machine in the use of high temperature, humidity, messy, can not only to prevent the pollution of the product, and can prevent equipment performance is affected.

2. Before starting the machine, the operator should check whether there is any abnormality in the power supply and fastening part of the pillow packing machine, and clean up the appliances and sundries on the table to avoid damaging the machine or affecting the subsequent production packaging.


3, the new operators should be in the pillow packing machine correct operation method and understand thoroughly before the operation, and in order to improve the security, the initial professional teaching better, and unauthorized and professional personnel shall not change the pillow packing machine data and arbitrary disassembly.

4, pillow packaging machine repair and maintenance work must be in the case of power off by professional electrical maintenance personnel.

5, pillow packaging machine in the process of packaging production, because the sealing film cutting device is a high temperature, so do not touch the heating sealing wheel, sealing die and moving parts, to prevent burns. Also, don't put your hair, gloves, and clothing into the moving parts of the pillow packager to avoid getting involved and causing accidents.

6, as long as the pillow packaging machine did not stop packaging, the operator can not arbitrarily leave the post, something to leave need someone to take care of it.

In a word, only strict and correct to its operation, overhaul and maintenance pillow packaging machine, it can be more stable and effective for enterprises to improve production efficiency, and in the production of safety first, so the above points to note for pillow packaging machine operators is very worthy of learning.