Solutions to common problems of pillow packing machines

1.Pillow packaging machine cutting knife cutting constantly

For this problem, if it's just bought back machine appear this kind of situation you should first take a look at your item is a what kind of packing, if metal hard objects such as accidentally cut knife to the blade is easy to broken, then see if after rule out such pressure regulation is loose, the pressure down again, and then pressing back one or two laps. Another thing to be aware of is that if you're packing something that's hard or something that's thick and hard then the pressure adjustment is not going to go too far, push it to the bottom and then back up 4 laps or so. If the pressure is too dead, in case the material will be stuck in the middle of the cutting knife.

2. What if the material is stuck in the cutter? (press forward and backward)

First of all, if the pressure is too tight and your goods are relatively thick, this kind of situation is likely to occur. At this point, just loosen the pressure regulation and then turn the gear. But don't forget to adjust the pressure back after the materials are taken out.

3. Fault of proximity switch (appears above the screen)


I believe a lot of people have come across it, the paper pillow type packaging machine on both sides of the machine end seal, according to the type of different in the left and some in the right. Take the standard pillow-packed model 320 as an example. When you stand in front of the screen, the proximity switch is on the side close to you. Open the end seal protection shell close to your side, and then you will see the end seal pull plate, the pull plate is to adjust the speed of the knife holder, you can see a thing connected with a wire above, this thing is the proximity switch. Board with a gear, gear with a screw or other prominent to the object, you press the point move until now turn the screw to the proximity switch position and then stop, look at the proximity switch on lights have above, under the normal light is not on the problems, and then you just pressed close to switch to a bit, let the screws and the distance of the object close to the light, or put the screws to put out a bit, but pay attention to the screws and clearance of the board, too close will come across the board. If your screws are too close to the proximity switch and they don't work then there's something wrong with the proximity switch wire or something wrong with the whole thing, then change the proximity switch. Normally the light flashes every time the screw is turned to the proximity switch.