How should pillow packing machine be maintained?

How should pillow packing machine be maintained?Pillow packaging machine this equipment received a lot of industry love, and its equipment with the development of science and technology in the continuous update, but the use and common maintenance methods will not change. The following is the pillow packaging machine repair and maintenance steps of the introduction.


How should pillow packing machine be maintained?

1. After the machine is shut down, the cutter and tailstock should be cleaned in time, and the feed conveyor chain and transmission chain should be cleaned in every shift to prevent corrosion.

2. For the heat seal body, it should be cleaned frequently to ensure clear seal texture.

3. The photoelectric tracking luminous head, also known as the electric eye, should also be cleaned regularly to ensure the small error of the cursor tracking.

4. The scattered materials on the tray should be cleaned in time to keep the parts clean.

5. Regularly clean the dust in the electric control box to prevent bad contact and other faults.

Next is lubrication, there are a variety of different metal parts inside the machine, so the need for lubrication, timing to the packaging machine gear mesh, bearing oil hole and the moving parts of oil lubrication, so that can ensure the flexibility of the operation. When adding lubricating oil, please pay attention not to drip oil on the transmission belt, in case of skidding loss or belt aging damage.

Finally, maintenance, after the use of a period of time, to do a comprehensive inspection, to ensure the quality of mechanical parts. Include:

1. Regularly check the screws of the packaging machine to avoid loosening.

2. Pay attention to the electrical parts of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-rat. Keep the cabinet and terminals clean to prevent electrical failure.

The newly installed machinery must be used in a week on the transmission and moving parts of the inspection and fastening, refueling maintenance; Must check and maintain regularly every month from now on.